Sunday, March 12, 2006

Justice League Unlimited—Grudge match

The upshot: Roulette starts Metabrawl up again this time with female contestants only.

What can we say—“Chick Fight!” What’s not to love?

The episode centers around Black Canary and The Huntress, as BC is fighting for Roulette unbeknownst to her thanks to some Sonar induced mind control via the League com units.

Canary makes short work of Fire in the ring. As Huntress tries to bust Canary out, they are captured and forced to fight.

Black Canary and Huntress vs. Hawkgirl and Vixen quickly turns into the four of them versus Wonder Woman.

Outmatched, the heroines hold their own long enough for Black Canary to blast open the cage, giving themselves some room to fight. Vixen and Hawkgirl double-team Wonder Woman, while Huntress and Black Canary take on Roulette’s guards and head for the control center. Sonar and Black Canary exchange sonic blasts and martial art blows, while Huntress and Roulette fight it out.

The heroines win and convince Sonar to stop the signal, and Wonder Woman comes to her senses just in time. Huntress declines Black Canary’s offer to rejoin the League, and they decide to resolve their issues with best two out of three.

This wasn’t a great episode but it certainly wasn’t bad. We wished we could have seen more female heroes but we had fun watching.

As we keep count, the Grudge Match marked the 9th of the 13 remaining JLU episodes before the series goes dark.

Next week: Far From Home. Supergirl gets abducted to the 31st century, home of the Legion of Super Heroes, where it is destined she will never return.


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