Friday, August 11, 2006

The NEW JSA—Update

A special thanks to The Mercurial Vagrant and to Bunny Z for their comments regarding FanBoyWonder’s last post on the New Justice Society of America.
(Does this mean that FBW now enjoys a whopping FIVE regular readers????)

The lovely Ms. Z kindly pointed out to us that we erred during our original post when we noted that Obsidian was not pictured in the Alex Ross JSA “class picture.” The son of the original Green Lantern IS indeed pictured in the picture—the white eyes in the top right corner—a guy with shadow powers lurking in the dark—DUH!

Anyway, Newsarama this week posed an interview with once and future Justice Society of America scribe Geoff Johns who has confirmed that the blue hooded figure IS Damage and that it’s a NEW Commander Steel who will join the JSA.

Meanwhile, the grinning red-head standing between Flash and Hawkman is Maxine (Ma) Hunkel—apparently de-aged somehow. Johns noted that Maxine won’t be going by the handle “Red Tornado” like she did during the Golden Age in the days before an android elemental with powers better fitting the name came along.

We’re excited already and we think it’s going to be a long wait until Justice Society of America #1 in December. Stay tuned.


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