Thursday, October 05, 2006

Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance Finale

The upshot: As Jammer is released from Cylon detention and as Duck grieves for his slain wife Nora; both make fateful decision about their futures on New Caprica.

Duck informs Tyrol that he has joined the New Caprica Police Force to infiltrate the collaborators. He hopes to find out who tipped off “the toasters” about the hidden weapons stash in The Temple which led to Cylon raid and his wife’s death.

Tyrol notes that’s a risky move but what is unspoken is that Duck no longer has anything to lose.

Meanwhile, as the insurgents plan their next move, Jammer doesn’t take well to Tigh’s intent to make their homemade explosives at a hiding place dangerously close to a hospital. Tigh’s reply is, in essence, “Frack them.” But if one digs a little deeper we can take his meaning—as long as they are under the chrome-plated heel of the Cylons, there is no safe place.

But Jammer can’t see that, so later we see him looking at the “calling card” that the Cylon Doral gave him while in detention to “help save lives” and the viewer watches Jammer walk toward Cylon headquarters—his choice made. Fade to black.

Given al the limitations of the Webisode format—episodes of 2-3 minute duration; shoe-string budget, constricted camera angles—this experiment had a lot of reasons to fail.

Yet it exceeded at least our expectations. It skillfully walked the very fine line of being a critical element of the story while remaining dispensable to those unable to access or view the Webisodes (such as every BSG fan with web servers outside the United States—including in Canada where the series is filmed—some Sci-Fi Channel suit really screwed the pooch on that one).

But not only did The Resistance fulfill its intended purpose of wetting the fans’ appetite during the last month of the seven month dry spell between BSG seasons, it served a definite dramatic purpose that advanced the overall story and set the tone of things to come. “So say we all.”


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