Sunday, August 19, 2007

Judd Winick’s Teen Titans East Takes Cyborg Hostage

Ok. It’s just a drive-by post this weekend as our mega-writing project for the dayjob has us running way past the red line with little time to read comics and even less time to ponder the power cosmic, to say nothing of sleeping, eating or time with Mrs. FBW.

Yet we saw the advance previews on for DC Comics in November and we see that DC was actually serious when they announced a Teen Titans East Special earlier this summer.

Here’s the upshot from DC Comics via Titans Tower is back up and running on the East Coast as Judd Winick, Ian Churchill & Norm Rapmund assemble an explosive new team of Titans under the leadership of Cyborg! But their first mission may be their last as powerful forces gather to destroy all Titans past and future!

Judd Winick & Ian Churchill…together---Rao help us all!

Regular readers of FanBoyWonder know that we don’t hold Winick’s work in very high esteem (No Talent A** Clown). And Ian Churchill???????

Why does an otherwise promising comic book illustrator feel compelled to go OUT of his way to draw cheesecake into even the most benign scenes of a comic book story—there was so much T&A while he was drawing Supergirl that for the better part of a year we expected him to show up in Dateline NBC’s Predator kitchen.

With Winick, however, we rejoiced when we found that Winick’s Outsiders book had been canceled—especially not that long after we had publicly called for either Winick to be removed from the book and/or take Nightwing off the team (and out of Winick’s hands)—now it seems that both things have come to pass.

So now here we are dismayed that Winick has apparently commandeered Cyborg as the lynch pin of his otherwise unimpressive Titans East one-shot.

So Cyborg has gone from being on the short list of Brad Metzler’s Justice League of America to a life on the D-List???? Our old friend Victor Stone—one of the best characters to come out of a stellar group that was the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans—deserves so much better than this.

Let us point out the two operative words “one-shot.” If NO ONE picks up the Titans East one-shot, then hopefully this doomed-to-be-flawed idea will die stillborn and thus Free Cyborg from captivity.

Save Cyborg, ignore Teen Titans East!


Blogger David the G said...

This is a total aside, but I used to live in Frederick, Maryland, went to Brainstorm Comics, and Frederick High School! I'm just saying ...

8:11 PM, August 21, 2007  
Blogger Ami Angelwings said...

I was totally wondering when I first heard about this why Cyborg was with this group. o_O Does he hate the new titans so much he'd rather be with a creepy stalker?

12:54 AM, August 22, 2007  
Blogger Paul S. said...

I hate to say it...

But I'm buying this because I'm one of the 6 people who honest to god like Lagoon Boy and Sun of Vulcan.

2:10 PM, August 22, 2007  
Blogger FBW said...

Wow...3 comments I'm almost giddy with joy at all the attention. :)

David: I take it you are no longer in Frederick? Well my wife and I like it...we moved down here in 2000 after escaping from Boston. Feel free to get a little piece of Frederick here anytime.

Ami: I assume by "creepy stalker" you are talking about Power Boy? I stopped reading Supergirl long before he appeared in the book but I heard the character is a real piece of work.

That should be all the reason you need to stay away and IGNORE TEEN TITANS East!

Paul: Lagoon Boy & Son of Vulcan? Well to each their own. But if I were you, I'd be very concerned about what Judd Winick has in store for your beloved characters. Are those wedding bells I hear?

6:25 PM, August 22, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who the girl is? ? ?

6:33 PM, September 02, 2007  

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