Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bionic Woman—Paradise Lost

The Upshot from NBC: After Jaime (Michelle Ryan) experiences another devastating loss; she encounters a stranger who befriends her. Later, she discovers the stranger is Antonio Pope (Isaiah Washington), who works for the Berkut Group and the meeting was deliberate. As Jamie struggles to balance her secret new life while trying to maintain some normalcy at home with her sister, Becca (Lucy Hale), Jaime finds herself in harm's way on her first mission.

This first episode after the pilot was a bit of a mixed bag as there were some things that worked but things that just had us scratching our head.

Paradise Lost started off with Jaime attending the funeral of her fiancé and her bionic doctor Will (Chris Bowers). This was a surprise as he was shot last episode by Sarah Corvis (Katie Sackhoff) but the shoulder-wound, while bad, didn’t appear to be life threatening and no one in the episode treated it as such.

But Will is NOT dead. How do we know? Well for one thing we didn’t see a body or a death scene. But more important, Chris Bowers’ picture is still listed among the cast bios on the Bionic Woman NBC Website.

Bionic Woman’s storytellers seem to be taking the advice of FanBoyWonder and the various focus groups by downplaying the black helicopter spy agency aspect of this Berkut Group—more like a think-tank with guns. This change is most evidence in the total shift in personality of agency head Jonas Bledsoe (Miguel Ferrer)—maybe just a bit too much.

During the pilot he pretty much told Jaime that she could either play ball and be their bionic girl-wonder….or DIE! One week later, Jonas is practically acting like her guidance counselor—a kinder, gentler secret covert agency head—asking her….the operative word ASKING…to help him “save the world.”

After an all too-quick training montage, Jaime is sent out into the field to help investigate why 200 some residents of a small town all dropped dead from a poison gas. Oh yeah, that “secret, clandestine organization” that wants to “save the world” it turns out created the gas and somehow it’s fallen into the “wrong” hands.

Well Bionic Jaime helps defeat the bad guys and stop the spread of the gas and decides that she does indeed want to help save the world with Jonas. Pretty standard really.

What we did like about the episode was that Jaime got her ass kicked—twice. First during training and second by a bad guy…until Jaime finally landed a punch and knocked the guy across the room. The moral of the story here is that it’s not the bionic but the woman that makes the weapon.

Meanwhile, Isaiah Washington’s stunt-casting fresh from his firing from that doctor show that the chicks dig didn’t do too much for us. His character didn’t impress us but he didn’t bother us too much either so we’ll call it a wash.

Right now the show is still finding its legs but it’s going to have to pick up the pace. Fortunately, next week there’s more of “the first Bionic Woman” Sarah Corvis—right now she’s the only Bionic Woman that’s fully functional.

The NEW Bionic Woman has the technology—but remember the moral of the story, it’s not the bionic, but the woman that will make or break this show. Stay tuned.


Anonymous John Micek said...

This show is steadily growing on me. Michelle Ryan makes an extremely appealing Jaime Sommers. And Sarah Corvis could be the role that Katee Sackhoff was born the play. She brings the right amount of feralness to the character.
And, really, isn't any show that provides a showcase to Miguel Ferrer worth its weight in gold?

1:29 PM, October 10, 2007  
Blogger FBW said...

Yes...there's room for improvement but hopefully they'll keep Sarah Corvis on a semi-regular basis.

She's shaping out to be a great anti-villian in the Gaius Baltar tradition--she does bad things for the right reasons, at least right to her.

7:09 PM, October 10, 2007  

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