Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Jericho Tonight

FanBoyWonder’s favorite new show—Jericho—airs it’s second episode of it’s surprise second season tonight following the outcry by enraged Jericho fans following news of the show’s initial cancellation last spring.

We fully admit that we are late in coming to the party but as we’ve been catching up on the first season, we are blown away at just how good each and every episode has been.
While Battlestar Galactica remains our all time favorite, Jericho is quickly working its way up to a close second as these two shows about life and survival following post-nuclear holocaust are as quite similar as they are totally different.

The beauty of this second season of Jericho is that you can know very little about what happened last season and still follow along.

Here’s the Upshot from CBS on Jericho 2.0: Returning for a second season as a result of one of the most unprecedented and impassioned displays of fan support on behalf of a television program, JERICHO is a drama about what happens in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion in the once peaceful town of Jericho. Following the battle with New Bern, the citizens of Jericho begin reconstruction efforts to restore the town’s power and communication with the outside world. As the country’s new leaders, the Cheyenne government, attempt to establish their stronghold in the region, Jericho’s citizens become suspicious of their new leaders and question why their community is so important to this newly formed government.

In tonight’s episode—Condor—Jake (Skeet Ulrich) helps Major Beck (Esai Morales) prepare for a special visitor from the Cheyenne government, while Hawkins (Lenny James) continues to work with Chavez (Chris Kramer) to uncover the secrets of this new regime.

Jericho airs tonight (Tuesday) at 10 p.m. EST with Season 1 episodes airing on Sci-Fi Channel Monday’s at 10 p.m. (check local listings).For more info, check out the show’s Website here www.cbs.com/primetime/jericho/


Anonymous JD said...

I loved the first season, but the budget cuts and lack of good writers is evident in the second season. All the good writers left and found other jobs during the Jericho cancellation, and you can tell as the storylines are not tight and are very random and the whole Jake and blond chick crap is horrible filler. That 'actress', and I use the term loosely, needs to go. Her blank stares are annoying and she makes Jake a bland, boring character when they are in scenes together.

6:24 AM, February 19, 2008  
Blogger FanBoyWonder said...

Hi JD,

Thanks for your comments.

As I noted I’m only just recently waking up to Jericho…I spent much of the last week and a lot of Internet broadband catching up on the 22 episode season and have hit all but the final three episodes.

I am really really impressed. That said, I did feel that the first episode of the second season was a bit off compared to what I had been watching online.

Like they had lost some heat off their storytelling fastball.

I had known going in that Gerald McRaney’s character Johnston Green had been killed at the end of the first season so it was heartbreaking to watch the character develop during the Season 1 episodes.

Double heartbreak because this guy was the moral center of the show.

He and Pamela Reed had great chemistry and I’m sorry to see him go and her on her way out the door.

But given that the show was literally brought back from the dead, it’s inevitable that all of the original talent—writing and acting—can’t or wouldn’t come back.

Perhaps Jericho Season 1 will stand alone as near as television perfection (every single episode was cleverly written, acted and shot) as can be.

If Jericho 2.0 is half as good, it’s still better than a lot out there…plus if it can eek out a high enough ratings share, hopefully they can get more of the band back together at the writer’s table and kick ass in Season 3.

If not, at least there will be closure.


5:13 PM, February 19, 2008  

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