Thursday, May 08, 2008

Battlestar Galactica—The Road Less Traveled

Wake the kids and call the neighbors. FanBoyWonder has made yet another clean getaway from the confines of Boston, Taxachuetts following our five days in town for a business conference.

Before we flew out Wednesday, we managed to meet and enjoy lunch with Mom and Dad FBW and it was good to see them.

It’s been a hectic week for us working our day job here in Boston, leaving us little time for blogging but we did manage to slip away Sunday evening to catch Iron Man.

We were favorably impressed and we’ll be posting a FanBoyWonder film review (hopefully in tandem Siskel & Ebert-like with our best pal and all around Kemosabe) this coming weekend.

Also, just a quick note of special THANKS to our pal JR. Thank you SO MUCH ….for the company, for picking up the check (the next one is ours, no arguments!) for telling it like it is and for “the penny” & the good thought behind it. Peace be with you my friend.

Anyway, as we repatriotate back into fanboy nation, we realize that we are WAY behind—having yet to post our review of last week’s Battlestar Galactica—The Road Less Traveled—with the next episode—Faith— to air in a little more than 24 hours..

Given the closeness of the new upcoming episode, we are going to opt for the drive-by review and shoot from the hip with our most pressing thoughts.

And with that….on with the show.

The Upshot From Sci-Fi Channel: The prospect of a truce between humanity and a band of rebel Cylons encourages Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) to trust her old enemy Leoben (Callum Keith Rennie).

Aboard the good ship Demetrius, Capt. Starbuck and her cheery crew of explorers (irony much???) have hit a snag in their search for Earth—58 days into their authorized 60 day mission.

Ship’s XO Helo (Tahmoh Penikett), Gods bless him, is doing his best to keep the ship and crew together while going out of his way to support and cover for an increasingly unreliable and worrisome Starbuck.

When the Cylon Leoben is taken aboard from his damaged raider, it just enflames a distrustful crew against Starbuck—especially as he seeks to “help” them find Earth and as he proposes an alliance between the human fleet and the splinter group of Cylons—who are in the midst of a civil war.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Battlestar Galactica this season if someone didn’t get killed during an episode. So R.I.P. Gunnery Sergeant Erin Mathias (Ellen Pedde) who cashed in her cubits by being on the wrong side of an exploding Cylon raider during a space walk.

We salute the toughest marine this side of R. Lee Emery (Full Metal Jacket) but hotter than Sigourney Weaver from Aliens in that she’ll beat you like a drum and you’ll like it mister kind of way.

In the end, Helo is forced to take a stand when Starbuck orders a jump to the Cylon baseship and not back to the fleet as her orders require. Helo relieves her of command and the crew is poised to back the XO.

As it’s to be continued this week, let’s hope that Starbuck doesn’t do an Admiral Cain on Helo—right between the eyes with a hollow point.

Meanwhile back on the fleet, Gaius Baltar (James Callis) continues to attract followers to his “movement” to the One True God” and newly demoted Specialist Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) has a shaved head, he still grieves over his death’s sudden death for which he blames himself—as well as still trying to deal with the revelation that he’s a secret Cylon.

The emotional torment Tyrol feels as he holds a pistol to his head, desperately seeking relief but unable to self-terminate, was especially haunting. We could almost physically feel his pain as come across the TV screen.

Tory Foster (Rekha Sharma), yet another secret Cylon, appears to have taken over the role of Imaginary Six (Tricia Helfer) for Gaius Baltar as her influence grows over this shepherd of a growing cult.

When Tory notes to Baltar that while he is gaining believers in numbers, they represent the dregs of fleet society—“no one of consequence”—so Baltar makes a public play to Tyrol, one time Galactica deck chief and former union leader of New Caprica.

Baltar provokes an unstable Tyrol to violence but Baltar later visits Tyrol in his quarters to offer an apology that is both authentic and insincere at once and to our surprise Tyrol takes Baltar’s hand.

If’ he’s not a follower, Tyrol appears to be at least along for the ride. So say we all!!


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