Thursday, August 07, 2008

FanBoyWonder’s *&#$@! Birthday

(Pictured above: Not the "God**mmed FanBoyWonder"….but an incredible simulation!)

Today is FanBoyWonder’s birthday (hold your applause and/or condolences until the end please). We are neither bragging nor complaining...just admitting to facts already in evidence.

However, if you follow the news at all, you may have heard that there’s a little bit of HEAT around the corner from FanBoyWonder’s world headquarters in Frederick, Maryland. So before we are named a “person of interest” in the commission of our own birthday by some Fancy But Incompetent blue suit, we’ve opted to flee the jurisdiction for today.

Thus Grandpa FBW will off the grid today and on the hiking trail where we will be contemplating our mortality and our slippery slide toward middle age, as well as getting a head start on planning a really, really grand mid-life crisis--suggestions welcome!

So we’ll see you on the other side!

PS: A happy happy Birthday to our good friend Dr. Bill, with whom we share the day. Cheers Doctor!


Anonymous Alice said...

Happy Birthday, Chuck!

8:27 AM, August 07, 2008  

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