Friday, September 19, 2008

Take Your Girl Wonder To Work Day

(Pictured: Brianna The Girl Wonder in training to take over Grandpa FanBoyWonder’s job. Sorry for the crappy resolution from the cell-phone cam)

Today, Brianna the Girl Wonder escorted her grandpa FanBoyWonder to our day job covering the real-estate finance market in Washington, D.C. Why?

Besides it being a day off from school, we decided we could use her input in helping to unravel the current financial crisis—sure she’s only in Second Grade but so far the Harvard-Yard brianiacs haven’t been doing all that hot so like she could do any worse.

Cute as a button, polite as a pin and helpful as all get out, Brianna made us proud as we showed her off to co-workers and bosses alike. Speaking of bosses, Brianna was pleased as punch when she learned that “your boss is a girl?!?”

She loved it even better when we told her that not only was our boss a “girl” but the boss’ boss is also a girl.

To see the look in her eyes…to see them light up as she realized that girls can be bosses ….that girls can be ANYTHING made our heart glad.

During our lunch hour, we took a walk over to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. so the Girl Wonder could see The White House for the very first time. It’s a crying shame that the “people’s house” is all but closed to the public. Hopefully the next President will open it up again.

Brianna is sleeping soundly as we write this and we are not long for bed after we post this. It was a good day.


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