Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grandpa FanBoyWonder & Brianna The Girl Wonder visit the Pumpkin Patch

Today Grandpa FanBoyWonder and Brianna the Girl Wonder enjoyed a lovely day at the Pumpkin Patch—a local working farm that every Fall hosts a fall festival of homemade amusements like the hill slide and tractor train pull, as well as pony rides for the kids and of course the hayride out to the other side of the farm to pick pumpkins.

Visiting the pumpkin patch with Brianna had been a tradition of ours since she was three-years-old—interrupted last year while our little girl had been “away”—but gladly continued with her home again this year.

Despite the gathering storm forming with her “parents,” today FanBoyWonder and our pride and joy strove to live in the moment.

It was a beautiful Indian Summer day and Brianna had a ball running around the farm…down the slide, riding on horseback, crawling through haystacks, visiting the animals and best of all jumping and jumping and more jumping on the “jumping pillow”—a giant trampoline like rubber pillow about the size of a swimming pool where Brianna and 30 of her friends of all ages bounced to their heart’s content.

As for Grandpa FBW, we went down the slide once, nearly broke our tailbone and then decided on the spot that the ole SHAZAM-bago was acting up again and let Brianna have at the fun-farm stuff.

The big catch of the day was our foray into the pumpkin patch where we secured—and Grandpa carried—two decent sized perfectly orange pumpkins.

We spent the last hour watching our Girl Wonder jump up and down on the Jumping Pillow then a stop at the drive through for a well-earned Happy Mean and here we are home. A good time was had by all.


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