Sunday, March 19, 2006

FBW's pics for the week of March 15

Here’s a rundown of FanBoyWonder’s pics for the week of March 15.


The upshot from DC Comics: “It's One Year Later…and why is Nightwing hiding out in New York City? Spinning out the events of Infinite Crisis, new writer Bruce Jones (Vigilante, The Warlord) is joined by the art team of Joe Dodd (Human Torch) and Bit (Batman: Gotham Knights) and cover artist Jock (Batman covers, The Losers) to bring you a Nightwing like you've never seen before!”

So far, we like what we’ve seen one year later. When we last left things a year ago, Dick Grayson had just proposed marriage to Barbara Gordon/Oracle before heading off the meet the events of Infinite Crisis.

Now it appears the wedding is off as we see Dick Grayson has moved back to New York City and we seek Dick waking up the morning after a hook up with a redhead who is not Oracle. We find out he has “disowned” himself from his family and he’s establishing himself in NYC.

Unfortunately, there’s another Nightwing in town and he’s all about KILLING bad guys and making headlines. Also unfortunately, thanks to DC’s June solicitations, we also know that this second Nightwing is Jason Todd.

Writer Bruce Jones has injected new life and a new momentum into this book. We’re glad to have Nightwing back in NYC, as we never liked Bludhaven or the fake cities in the DCU altogether. Plus, Jones gives the reader a heck of a cliff hanger.


The upshot from DC: The pulse-pounding conclusion to the story of the first meeting between the Last Son of Krypton and the World's Mightiest Mortal! Captain Marvel confronts Dr. Sivana once and for all. Can Superman stop him before he goes too far?

We really wanted to dislike this issue and this mini-series, but couldn't. As even the most casual FBW reader has likely picked up, we are not Judd Winick’s number one fan.

But to give the devil his due, Winick pulls off a good story. By accident or design, Winick’s re-telling of the first meeting between Superman and Captain Marvel doesn’t (at least overtly) contradict the previous work of others and he does manage to capture the little boy aspect of Billy Batson.

Winick forms an impressive bond between these two powerful heroes and we bought it. The end panels are particularly touching.

Solid art by Joshua Middleton helps the story along. His Captain Marvel is somewhat reminiscent of Alex’s Ross’ Kingdom Come Marvel, but more innocent and childlike, while still capturing the majesty of the World’s Mightiest Mortal.

Are concerns about Winick’s role in the upcoming Trials of Shazam mini-series, while not completely banished, have been assuaged and we’ll go in with an open mind.

We can’t, however, help but register a nitpick complaint. While we have no complaint with the art, far from it in fact, we have scratched our head at why it took a 4 issue monthly mini-series more than 6 months to complete its run. It used to be that consistent, quality are and monthly deadlines weren’t mutually exclusive.


The upshot: It's One Year Later, and Ollie Queen is the newly elected mayor of Star City, fighting the good fight on the streets and through the system! And welcome aboard the dynamic new art team of Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens (NIGHTWING, ROBIN)!

We were ready to drop this book. Even before one year later, Winick’s Green Arrow had been boring us. We were annoyed that GA suddenly has a secret identity again without explanation but other than that…we really stopped paying attention and had been purchasing the book out of inertia.

Given what we just wrote about Superman/Shazam, we’ll give Winick a couple more issues to convince us we should keep reading.


The upshot from DC: Having narrowly survived the death and destruction of the CRISIS, Superboy and Wonder Girl find some time alone in Smallville…but will it be a bloody Valentine?

We liked this issue. Still recovering—both physically and emotionally—from his beating at the hands of Superboy Prime, our resident Superboy Conner Kent takes some downtime with his Wonder Girl friend, whose powers are fading fast after Paradise Island and the Greek Gods themselves have withdrawn from our reality.

Old New Teen Titans writer Marv Wolfman and current Teen Titans writer Geoff Johns work well together. Since Johns has overextended himself into writing too many books, a permanent collaboration of the two on Teen Titans would be welcome.


The upshot: It's One Year Later…and the Birds have a new mission — with a new lineup that will shock you! Don't miss new art team Paulo Siqueira (Lady Death: Lost Souls) and Robin Riggs (JSA, SUPERGIRL) as they join acclaimed writer Gail Simone for a turning point in the history of the Birds of Prey!

One year later and this is still a good book. All of the Birds remain on the book…plus the new addition to the team…the “Jade Canary” whose identity was quite the shocker. We’re running out of time but more on this book next issue—but suffice to say, if you’re not reading it, you should.


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