Sunday, March 01, 2009

FanBoyWonder Returns

FanBoyWonder would like to apologize to our loyal readers for our lengthy and unexplained absence.

By way of explanation and to de-bunk some of the potential rumors, FanBoyWonder was NOT detained during our business trip to San Francisco in October and held in captivity all these months. We were in fact able to make good on our escape from the hippy moonbat center of the universe as planned.

Unfortunately, we flew home directly into a bleepstorm that started at home and continued at the office with circumstances at either home and/or work requiring our urgent, undivided attention to put out fires.

The sad story at home is that a few weeks ago, we had to say good-bye to Brianna The Girl Wonder (AGAIN!!!) and to our grandson T.J. The Wonder Lad when we reached an impasse with their parents and we had to ask them to leave. I miss my little girl terribly, as well as the baby boy I was just getting to know but I’m grateful for the time that I had with them.

During all of this, our wife—Mrs. Lovey Wonder—has been seriously ill for sometime now. Her prognosis is hopeful but it’s going to be a long climb back.

Following our absence, we want to thank our motley crew of fans for reaching out to us to ask if we were well—especially you Ryan from Film Fodder. Sorry we couldn’t answer but blogging wasn’t at all on our mind.

But as we’ve learned in caretaker school, if you neglect yourself too much, it does nobody any good.

So FanBoyWonder is back—on limited duty to start—but as we survey all that has gone on during our absence—we’re looking at you Dan DiDio at DC Comics—we are sharpening our poison pen ready to impale all that is mediocre and praise the praiseworthy in comics, sci-fi and television.

We’re polishing up a review of Friday’s Battlestar Galactica with future programming to be announced.

“Sometimes, you have to roll a hard six.”


Blogger The League said...

I'm saddened to hear of the reasons for your absence, but am glad to hear you're back. Wishing you all the best.

12:39 PM, March 04, 2009  

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