Sunday, February 19, 2006

Justice League Unlimited –Dead Reckoning

The Upshot: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman come to the aid of Deadman, the ghost of deceased circus acrobat Boston Brand, who needs their help in recovering the souls of members of a monastic order.

FanBoyWonder rates this is an “Okay” episode, but that may be just because we were never crazy about Deadman in the comics.

The episode opens at a Buddhismonasteryry as a Legion of Doom strike team, including Black Manta, Atomic Skull, Bizarro, Lex Luthor and Rampage attacks, seemingly kills all of the monks, including the Master, stealing a magic artifact.

Deadman goes to the Justice League for help and soon discover the Legion is attacking Gorilla City as part of Gorilla Grodd's strategy. Long story short, Grodd uses the amulet to turn all of the humans into apes. The plan is thwarted of course in less time that it took us to type this sentence.

The episode closes with Luthor shooting Grodd for coming up with such a stupid master plan and he now leads the Legion of Doom.

The episode did have a plethora of villain cameo appearances including Goldface, Blockbuster, Dr. Polaris, Sonar, the Shark, the Gentleman Ghost, the Dummy, Sportsmaster, the Monocle, the Angle Man, Livewire, Crowbar, Black Mass, Tsukuri, Fastball, Puppeteer, Evil Star, the Weather Wizard, the Psycho Pirate, Dr. Spectro, KGBeast, and the Key.

Just to keep count, Dead Reckoning marked the 6th of JLU's remaining 13 episodes before the series comes to an end.

Next Week: Patriot Act--When a powerful menace threatens Metropolis, Green Arrow must lead a group of non-powered superheroes such as Vigilante and Shining Knight to save the city.


Anonymous Capitol Ideas said...

Yeah, but how cool was it that Mr. Terrific got an extensive speaking part in the Watchtower?

12:11 PM, February 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct sir! I forgot about the Mr. Terrific cameo during the episode. Let's hope for more during the remaining JLU episodes.
Thanks again and keep those cards and letters coming.

4:59 PM, February 21, 2006  

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