Monday, January 30, 2006

FBW’s Comics picks for Feb. 1

The pickings are a bit thin this week but here are a few recommended titles to pick up.

JSA Classified #8

Wildcat and The Original Flash, Jay Garrick, are featured in the companion book to the award-winning JSA.
The upshot: A mysterious figure has gained control of the Spear of Destiny, one of the most dangerous artifacts on earth, and is using it to pit the two founding members of the Justice Society of America against each other!

Given the events of Infinite Crisis #4 and the loss of the Speed Force, we’re not sure when this story is supposed to take place—before IC#4 or if it’s folded into the ongoing continuity-but regardless the JSA is the oldest and the best super-hero team around. Besides, given the Flash-killing mood of DC as evidenced in IC#4, we’re just glad to see Jay Garrick still running around.

Outsiders #33

The upshot: Arsenal's strike force infiltrates a Villain Society operation that's been targeting heroes throughout the DCU — and this one's aimed directly at the Marvel Family!

This issue has two things going for it: Guest writer Jennifer Van Meter, although unfortunately regular writer Judd Winick is slated to return. Second and most important, it features Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel. Plus it’s an Infinite Crisis tie-in.

Rann/Thanagar War: Infinite Crisis Special

The upshot: With the Infinite Crisis in full swing, the Cosmic Storm in the Polaris Galaxy rages out of control, threatening the fate of the entire universe! While the Rannian and Thanagarian flagships each suspect that the other is responsible for the disturbances, Donna Troy must lead her team of space champions into the cosmos in an attempt to prevent total destruction. But as the war rages on, a startling discovery will be uncovered, one hero will be forever changed, and another will make the ultimate sacrifice—at least that's what DC says.

This is a reluctant pick by us. So far, the Rann/Thanagar War—through the pages of the six-issue mini-series of the same name, as well as in recent issues of Hawkman and so far in Infinite Crisis—has been both entertaining and a confused jumbled mess. Here’s hoping this one-shot extra finally sets things straight.


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