Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sci-Fi Friday roundup--Stargate Atlantis & Battlestar Galactica

Stargate Atlantis –Critical Mass

The Upshot: The Atlantis team races against time to thwart detection by the Wraith and destruction by a Trust/Goa’uld planted bomb somewhere in the city of the Ancients.

The writers at Stargate Atlantis must be paying attention and watching the quality television that is Battlestar Galactica. That’s to a timely message relayed from Earth, the Atlantis team is warned just in time against using the Stargate lest they activate a big bomb.

This episode is a bit of a whodunit, but it also highlights more interaction between Earth and Atlantis. Last season, they were our there all on there own. Now, they’ve got their own space ship, The Daedalus, commuting back and for between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies.

With an infiltrator in their midst, Dr. Weir and Lt. Col. Sheppard focus on obnoxious pony tailed scientist guy who is all hot air. Of course he is too obvious. But as the bomb is ticking and the situation gets desperate, Weir gives the Okay to Ronan to torture Dr. Ponytail for the disarming code that he as the saboteur must have.

But before the order can be carried out, Weir and Sheppard figure out it’s Col. Caldwell, commander the Daedalus, and he’s been possessed by a Goa’uld. They subdued Caldwell, got the code, disarmed the bomb and the two Wraith cruisers nearby are never the wiser…still thinking that Atlantis has been destroyed. At the end the doctor says he can even remove Goa’uld out of Caldwell….no muss, no fuss.

However, Weir is troubled that she gave the green light to torture someone she admittedly doesn’t like. More disturbing is the prospect of other infiltrators that may have been planted.

Still in its second season, Atlantis shows its potential for growth here. Still no where near the caliber of BSG, Atlantis shows signs of trying to move beyond its limitations.

Battlestar Galactica –Epiphanies

The Upshot: The dying President Roslin orders the abortion of Sharon’s human/cylon fetus as cylon sympathiers commit acts of sabotage while demanding peace with the cylons.

Ok…I’ve been sick as a dog this weekend and should have posted as soon as the episode aired but a very good episode. Who said there’s no cure for cancer? Just ask BSG’s resident mad scientist.

I’ve been wondering since the mini-series how they would paint themselves out of the corner that was Roslin’s terminal breast cancer. As the moment of decision nears, we are treated to a glimpse of Roslin’s life before the Cylon attack when she was the education minister.
In flashback sequences, we see an underused Colm Fiore as President Adar who Roslin served as a member of his cabinet and as a secret lover.

Meanwhile, Dr. Baltar, as vice-president readies to assume the presidency the Number Six Cylon in his head returns even as he meets up with the flesh and blood Number Six who he helped escape from the Pegasus, as the leader of the new cylon peace movement.

Meanwhile, Baltar both saves the day by finding something in the cylon fetus’ blood that cures Roslin cancer, then crosses the line big time when he delivers a nuke to Number Six as a sign of his “good faith” to the Cylon separatists.

In her delirium, Roslin remembers seeing Baltar and the cylon Number Six together and she realizes that he’s a traitor. Should make for an interesting episode next week.
This show just gets better and better.


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