Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Justice League Unlimited--news & wishlist

For fans of Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited (JLU), Mile High Comics' has posted a very good article titled "Doing The Justice League" by Steve Fritz about the new upcoming JLU season based on interviews with JLU executive producers Bruce Timm and James Tucker.

The Upshot: Expect the new season to ramp up during the late spring or early summer. Look for Supergirl to take a trip to the future to meet the Legion of Super Heroes, more Legion of Doom/Villains Unlimited and the return of Hawkman to the JLU universe.

Check out the story here:

Nobody asked us but while we're hot, here are some things FBW would like to see on JLU.

Captain Marvel vs. Superman—A fair fight rematch! Last season, the World's Mightiest Mortal made his first appearance in JLU in last season's "The Clash." But the Power of Shazam got the serious shaft in the fight with Superman. The fix was in. Ok, we get it, Superman is the star of the show and of the DC Universe...but Captain Marvel deserved better. Bring him back.

The Justice Society of America--Ok, we've seen Wildcat, Dr. Mid-Nite, Stargirl (with S.T.R.I.P.E.) Sand and Atom Smasher around the Watchtower but without the Golden Age/original Flash and Green Lantern, it's not the JSA.
Early in the show, the JL met the "Justice Guild"--trademark hassles reportedly jammed up the first animated JL/JSA crossover but it's not too late. Cross your fingers.

A Kingdom Come adaptation--Most of the characters featured in the 1996 Alex Ross/Mark Waid classic mini-series about superhero armageddon in the (near) future have already been introduced into JLU continuity (with the big exception of The Spectre). Some of the story would doubtlessly need to be tweaked to fit into the JLU universe and adapted for television but wouldn't it be sweet to watch KC come alive? Bonus: It would satisfy our call for a Superman/Captain Marvel rematch.
Maybe it could be the last JLU story...what a way to go out! SHAZAM!


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