Monday, January 16, 2006

FBW's Comic Pics for Jan.18

Birds of Prey # 90-- Calculator's quest to unmask Oracle turns super-deadly as Deathstroke joins the hunt!

Green Lantern Corps Recharge #4 (of 5) --On the run for their lives in the forbidden Vega System, the Lanterns discover a secret that threatens the future of Oa!

Infinite Crisis # 4 (of 7) --The Crisis continues to explode across the DC Universe as a great power is unleashed. But whose side is it on? Witness a shocking confrontation between Batman and Nightwing, a vicious battle that threatens to tear the heroes of the DCU further apart, and a startling change to the recently deceased.

JSA Classified #7 --Concluding the 3-part "Honor Among Thieves!" A flurry of betrayals, an overwhelming show of force, and the loss of a teammate threaten all hope the Injustice Society might have of saving their friend and their own skins! If you liked Villains United, you'll dig this story arc.


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