Friday, February 10, 2006

Justice League Unlimited—On Borrowed Time

It’s a classic good news/bad news situation when it comes to FanBoyWonder’s beloved Justice League Unlimited.

The good news: Contrary to previous reports, Cartoon Network will begin airing new JLU episodes starting tomorrow (Saturday) night at 10:30 E.S.T. (check local listings), according to Comics Continuum.

The Upshot: “Flash and Substance” is described as "Batman and Orion see a different side of the Flash when a rogues' gallery of villains attacks the museum that is opening in his honor." The episode features the Rogues Gallery and it holds the promise of getting into the Flash’s origin.

The bad news: The Winston-Salem Journal of North Carolina is reporting that Cartoon Network decided to end JLU due to declining ratings. Tomorrow night’s “Flash and Substance” is the fifth of 13 episodes of the third and now apparently final season.!entertainment!general!&s=1037645508970

Even as we are shocked, we can’t say we are too surprised at this news. Actually, much of the reason JLU has been so good has been the creators pulling out all the stops thinking that they could be canceled at any time.

But frankly the report of the show’s demise due to “declining ratings” is a bit annoying since the network didn’t exactly make it easy to watch the show—from ping ponging the airing times and dates, inexplicitly not airing episodes during their previously scheduled times, minimal advertising of the show and no encore episode showings.

By contrast, Teen Titans was a rating juggernaut for six seasons, much due to the fact that the network aired the show four times a day nearly everyday.

Not to sound too bitter, but FBW could have been a television network programmer, but they found out our parents were married. Oh well. It’s best to enjoy the remaining episodes while we can.


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