Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pittsburgh Comicon—George Perez

On Day Two of the Pittsburgh Comicon, FanBoyWonder and Kemosabe hit the floor as soon as it opened where we found ourselves waiting in a blessedly short line in front of the table of master artist George Perez.

This was a big moment for FBW. We were not quite 10-years old when we picked up DC Comics Presents #26 with the sneak preview of the New Teen Titans during the summer of 1980. Marv Wolfman’s script and Perez’s art blew us away as we met Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Changeling for the first time while we became reacquainted with Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and of course, Robin.

New Teen Titans was the first comic book that we really connected with on an emotional level—not the least of which because they were sidekicks, kids who longed to be taken seriously when with their grown up mentors. They would become a team and eventually a family and FBW was along for the ride for every issue.

We’ve since enjoyed just about every other project he’s done. Even if the script was sub par, Perez could make it work through superior and richly detailed artwork. So you can imagine that we were a little wary that the man would not live up to our expectations of the legend.

Not to worry, GP was very gracious and most obliging as he chatted up with the fans, including FBW. Our chat was brief as he was conscious of the growing line in back of us but memorable none the less.

We inquired with GP about the on-again/off-again New Teen Titans: Games graphic novel that he and Wolfman had reportedly picked up again following his stint on the instant classic JLA/Avengers cross-over. “Put off indefinitely” he told us.

Why? Because DC Comics has been giving him too much work—a mixed blessing indeed.

FBW complemented GP on JLA/Avengers, noting it was the best work of his career. We also noted we have been enjoying his covers for JSA and when we lamented about the recent news of the book’s cancellation, GP speculated that DC will relaunch the book because it’s too popular and sells too many copies—from your lips to DC Comics’ Executive Editor Dan DiDio’s ears George!

We had GP sign two books for us. First, was the CRISIS on Infinite Earths slipcase hardcover from 1998—this was the flawed edition that was recalled by DC but we snapped up a copy before the recall took effect. (see the cover pictured above) With his signature, we hope it will boost its value—that was investment for Brianna the Girl Wonder’s college fund.

For love, we had GP sign our copy of Justice League of America issue 195 featuring a pull out poster a “reunion picture” of the Justice League and Justice Society, circa 1981. We will be framing that one.

We had to scoot before we could ask him about his latest project—the new Brave and Bold team up series with Mark Waid but here’s an interview GP gave at Pittscon with Mile High Comics Newsarama about the project among other things

Also, it seems only fair to plug his website http://www.george-perez.com/

In our brief remaining moments, I noted to GP that the current Infinite Crisis has, if nothing else, succeeded in making his work in the original CRISIS that much better by sheer comparison.

I repeated to GP my often blogged argument that he penciled (with inkers Dick Giordano and later Jerry Ordway) all by himself 12 consecutive monthly issues of CRISIS, including two double sized issues and every issue on time—compared to the committee of artists (including help from Perez) who have been struggling to put out an issue of this 7 issue “monthly” mini-series every six weeks.

Ever the gentlemen, GP didn’t comment but he didn’t disagree either. Thanks George.


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