Monday, April 24, 2006

Pittsburgh Comicon—Howard Chaykin

FanBoyWonder and best pal Kemosabe caught up with current Hawkgirl artist Howard Chaykin at his booth on the first day of the 2006 Pittsburgh Comicon.

Lucky for us, our wives (and jobs) had given us that Friday off so the convention hall was relatively empty when we approached his booth. He very obligingly chatted with us for about 20 minutes discussing Hawkgirl and his upcoming Green Lantern project—the two part Green Lantern: Collateral Damage, featuring GL Guy Gardner.

On Hawkgirl, HC said he is having a blast working with his friend of 30 years Walter Simonson.

FBW complemented HC on his take on Kendra Saunders One Year Later—more mature and grown up; although he said he’s been trying to make her look younger—think a “more buxom Keira Knightly.”

As of our chat at Pittscon, he said he had five issues in the can with an open-ended commitment to stay on the book.

Look for subtle changes to creep in with Hawkgirl’s costume—particularly in the helmet, which he said he hates. He’ll eventually make it look more like Hawkman’s mask. Also, look for a surprise revelation about the workings of Hawkgirl’s uniform and wing-harness.

Meanwhile, HC told us he is eager to return everybody’s favorite Guy to respectability after years of playing the buffoon during the Giffen-DeMatteis Justice League.

He said that he envisioned Guy Gardner as a military professional--as a Green Lantern, he’s a part of an elite peacekeeping organization—hence the military haircut rather than the Moe-cut that made him look the clown.

Remember, noted HC, Guy is a trained attorney, not many people remember that. He said he envisioned Guy as a world weary character—think Dennis Leary.

The premise of Green Lantern: Collateral Damage: In the aftermath of the Rann-Thanagar War, G’nort—the former GL (G’nort??????????) requests that Guy as the official Green Lantern Corps troubleshooter to act an intermediary between two hostile factions.

As we recall, HC—who is both penciling and inking—the two part series already has one issue in the can and is well on his way to finishing the other. Look for a release date for on or near Christmas 2006.

HC told us he’s resisted attempts by both DC and Marvel at exclusive contracts, as he enjoys the freedom of working for both companies.

All in all, this comic book veteran was very gracious with his time and insights to a couple of fanboys who don’t often get to mix it up with creators. Thanks Howard.


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