Thursday, March 12, 2009

Battlestar Galactica—Island in a Stream of Stars

The Upshot from Sci-Fi Channel: While Helo (Tahmoh Penikett) copes with Hera’s abduction, Galactica’s damages overwhelm the crew’s repair efforts.

Sorry for the delay folks but we were distracted as Mrs. Lovey Wonder’s recuperation had a setback this week. She’s better now and trying to make up for lost time so we can get her better and bring her home. We miss our Lovey.

Speaking of catching up, with just 24 hours until the next episode, your friendly neighborhood FanBoyWonder is striving to memorialize our thoughts on last week’s episode—we still can’t believe this is nearly the end.

Part of that is due the fact that “Island” seemed to promise the viewer answers but just left us with more questions.

Repairs to Galactica are making little headway and that’s even before the major hull breach kills some 60 souls—human and Cylon alike. Just like last week, the crew is in just as bad shape as the ship.

Helo and Athena (Grace Park) are beside themselves with grief following Boomer’s abduction of their daughter. Helo is racked with guilt at not being able to tell his wife from Boomer—Cylon model Number Eights both—and Athena seems unwilling to assuage his guilt.

It was a tough, uncomfortably familiar scene for us to watch. Having been suddenly and involuntarily separated from their little girl, they are frantic with worry not knowing where she is or even if she is safe. Trust us when we tell you that what they are enduring is the worst feeling in the universe.

The second worst feeling is to see the thing(s) you love most dying before your eyes knowing you can do nothing to save either. We are of course talking about Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos) as he watches President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) lose her battle with cancer and he sees his ship lose its battle with time.

Adama is reluctant to concede either loss. Adama is increasingly falling apart from within—as evidenced by his increased drinking and pill popping. Like his battlestar, Adama is starting to buckle from all of the hits he’s taken over the years.

Suddenly the rules have changed and what has worked for him in the past—strength and force of will to achieve the desired outcome—is utterly failing him. It’s interesting to see Col. Tigh (Michael Hogan)—Adama’s XO and best friend in the universe, Cylon or no—be the rock this time while Adama lets go.

When talking to our best pal and all around Kemosabe John today, he noted how annoyed he is at Gaius Baltar (James Callis) and “his harem” of beautiful women who literally worship the brilliant but feckless fracker.

Yet Baltar has two great scenes here. First when meeting Caprica Six (Tricia Helfer) again for the first time since the Eye of Jupiter. Baltar expresses condolences to Six over the miscarriage of her unborn baby with Saul Tigh.

As always with Baltar, he does the right thing for the wrong reason—although he thinks he means well. Six knows Baltar’s bag and is having none of it.

Poor Six, she’s come a long way from that ruthlessly curious sexbot we first met in the mini-series. Consider that one of Six’s first scenes had her snapping the neck of a newborn—just to see what it was like—Six HAS to be pondering irony of her miscarriage. Perhaps the Cylon One True God has extended the fickle middle finger of fate her way.

In the second Baltar scene, Gaius encounters Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) in the head. You gotta love our girl Kara Trace—only she could so stonily stare someone down while sitting on the pot.

In a moment of impulse, Starbuck confesses to Baltar of discovering her own charred remains back on “Earth” (again, we still don’t think that nuked out planet was really Earth) and she gives him the corpse’s dog tags to analyze.

He does, concludes the corpse was Starbuck and he proceeds to out Kara as an angel—“proof of everlasting life”—in a misguided attempt to instill hope in the crew.

Starbuck’s critically wounded husband, Samuel T. Anders (Michael Trucco) one of the Cylon Final Five, has been placed in a hybrid tank in the hopes of speeding his healing recovery. Racked with guilt, Starbuck puts a gun to his head to euthanize him when he reacts by grabbing her gun hand and speaking hybrid.

As Kara goes to the Memorial Wall, Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) tells her he doesn’t care how she came back, she’s there and he’s glad. Kara puts her photo back on the wall. Starbuck is dead, long live Starbuck.

By the end of the episode, Adama has reluctantly concluded that the old girl’s day is done. The Admiral orders repairs stopped and that Galactica start to be stripped down for parts, offloading the civilians and transferring the weapons to the Cylon Basestar.

After convincing a reluctant Tigh, they raise a glass together to toast the old girl before they send her off “in style.” –End of Line.

Tomorrow’s episode Daybreak part 1 purports to tie up all of the loose ends. We hope so. Of all of our burning questions we REALLY want to know the secret of the Imaginary characters—Imaginary Six (Tricia Helfer) who has been Baltar’s constant companion, guide and punisher since throughout the life of the series, as well as Imaginary Baltar who has appeared to Caprica Six on occasion. What’s the deal there?

We’re really going to miss this show when it goes dark but it least they got to go out on their own terms. So say we all!


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