Sunday, March 26, 2006

Vandal Savage Classified & Hawkgirl

Hello faithful readers…all 3 of you. Apologies for FanBoyWonder’s infrequent posts of late. FBW’s day job has been keeping us busy. We have a brief posting of pics for this past week to offer before we go on a hiatus for the next couple weeks. FBW will be back to post a review of the next Infinite Crisis if not sooner.

JSA Classified #10

The upshot from DC: It's One Year Later…and a dying Vandal Savage has crash-landed on Earth after the worst twelve months of his life. His last order of business? Revenge on the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott! Don't miss the Part 1 of a 4-part story written by Stuart Moore (FIRESTORM) with; Art by Paul Gulacy and Jimmy Palmiotti (CATWOMAN, YEAR ONE: BATMAN/RA'S AL GHUL)!

The issue description is a bit of a misnomer as Green Lantern only appears at the end the issue and only in flashback form but it’s ok…this issue and this story arc is about Vandal Savage—the immortal bad guy.

This story is off to a good start. FBW has a passing familiarity with Savage but even you have read nothing else about this character, this promises to be a good story.

Hawkgirl # 50

The upshot from DC: It's One Year Later…and Hawkgirl is out to make a name for herself in St. Roché! New villains and new threats, all brought to you by the team of writer Walter Simonson (ORION, ELRIC: THE MAKING OF A SORCEROR) and artist Howard Chaykin (American Flagg, CITY OF TOMORROW)!

With a name change in the title, Hawkgirl is now the star of the show with Hawkman no where in sight. We’ve been a fan of the Kendra Saunders character since she was introduced in JSA a few years back. Whether by accident or by design, readers got to know her as an individual for a couple years before the return of Hawkman and it’s for that reason we see hope for this book’s new shift.

Walt Simonson’s into story was solid while not extraordinary and Howard Chaykin’s art is good overall with some rough patches…but it gets easier to look at on subsequent readings—we speculate that’s he’s just a little rusty drawing a monthly book but we hope that if he’s going to both pencil AND ink that he paces himself.

Nonetheless, anything would be an improvement over the past couple creative teams.

This book has been lost since Geoff Johns left after issue 25. If anyone can give it a coherent direction again it’s two comic book vets like Simonson and Chaykin.
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