Sunday, July 20, 2008

It’s Not Called The DARK Knight For Nothing

FanBoyWonder has just returned from an action-packed visit with our best pal and all around Kemosabe, the climax of said visit was our screening of the new Batman film—The Dark Knight

In a word….Holy Bleep! That was an intense movie. We agreed that we both liked it but we each needed to process all that we saw in this quite long motion picture.

FanBoyWonder and Kemosabe will doing our usual Siskel & Ebert deal in a few days hence once we’ve had time to process the film and to give consideration to FanBoyWonder readers who have not yet had the chance to view the film.

However, we must warn those going to see the film that Dark Knight is NOT for young children and at some 2 ½ hours, it’s not for anyone with a weak bladder.

Meanwhile, we will mention that during Dark Knight, we saw the film trailer for the live-action Watchmen film due out early next year. In another word—Holy Bleep…two times. What we saw was in many ways the classic graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons come to life. We’re looking forward to it.

During our visit to the Kemosabe family, we were privileged to be a guest at the birthday party of Kemosabe’s pride and joy Miss Jo-Jo, who turned three years old this past weekend. The birthday girl was cute as a button and FanBoyWonder was sorry that we were unable to bring our own pride and joy—Brianna The Girl Wonder—to the party but next time for sure we will get our two princesses together. Next time our vow!

We did however enjoy accompanying Kemosabe Saturday night to lovely little bar so we could watch him play with one of his two bands—Fink’s Constant, a local and quite good reggae band.

The band let FanBoyWonder hang out with them and we got to be an honorary roadie as we have a decided lack of musical talent. We’ve somehow have never minded lacking musical gifts—that is until we saw the “groupies.” Ah come on! How come they get groupies??? That is NOT fair????

They could have thrown us a bone and let FanBoyWonder do a Davy Jones tambourine thing on stage just to make it look good but at least we got to say “I’m with the band” just once in our life before we die.

Thanks for a good time fellas!

We have to go to bed now as it’s been quite a while since Grandpa FBW has been out clubbing till the wee-hours of the morning.

Look for our comprehensive review of The Dark Knight coming soon.

Three words: “Why so serious????”
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