Friday, April 20, 2007

For Brianna The Girl Wonder and Mourning For The Virginia Tech Victims

Hello readers,

Please forgive our longer than intended absence during our blog hiatus.

By way of explanation, FanBoyWonder and Mrs. FBW were gone visiting our granddaughter—Brianna The Girl Wonder (pictured above) during Easter weekend.

It was our first chance to see Brianna—who will turn 6 in June—since her mother and she moved out of our house (again) just after Thanksgiving. They now live several hundred miles and four states away and it’s been a tough adjustment for both of us to go from having raised Brianna and seeing her every day to stealing all-too brief visits with her.

When we DID see her she looked well and she is a smart and strong little girl. We hope to see her again sometime this summer but she knows that we love her and miss her and that we WILL see her again.

As we’ve been busy catching up on life while missing our little girl, our heartache is put into perspective as our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre and to their families, friends and everyone near and far touched by that appalling and tragic event earlier this week.

In other business, FanBoyWonder will resume our “regular programming” this weekend with reviews of books for the week of April 18 and we WILL get around to posting our Battlestar Galactica Season 3 post mortem (scouts honor!).

Meanwhile, FBW and our best pal Kemosabe will be making the pilgrimage to the Pittsburgh Comicon next weekend. For anyone else attending, FanBoyWonder would be happy to meet and greet (and confirm the existence of) FBW blog readers. Drop us a line at Stay tuned.
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